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2010-09-05 16:46:26 by Sorika

Im actually feelin' optimistic this time when i come back to newgrounds. I still make AMV's but I want to give the Animation thing One..Last..shot...
Anyways i've been doing pretty well. As the people who actually read this knew that i was pretty much a pessimist before.
My friend told me about a program (its also a trial, but you can get things done faster.) . I might not get the front page, but I hope to get more followers. A few people messaged me over the past few years saying that they wanted to see me try to to this. I hope they haven't given up. (which they prolly have) But I hope to make Serious flash, not all parodic. i might make a few, who knows.

Love and rockets, Kylie. :D


2010-02-15 22:52:39 by Sorika

I make AMV's now.
im out.

Haven't been on for a while.

2010-01-09 21:46:05 by Sorika

Im Back.
not really exciting.
i couldn't pay for macromedia flash anymore so, yeah.
i cant continue.

Haven't been on for a while.

Dark Sonic - Pain By Three Days Grace

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Here Is My Best Vid On Youtube. Check Out My Profile  At


2009-01-26 18:08:33 by Sorika

check out my Youtube Channel at You Can See All My friends vids faves subscriptons and subscribers




2009-01-17 17:56:50 by Sorika

The Game Will Not Be Based On The Flash. It Will Be Called Shooter.


Listen up!

2009-01-17 17:51:40 by Sorika

I Am In Progress Of Making A Flash Movie, " Dr. Dum Attempts to Kill THE Zonic. I Do Not Know If I Will Complete It. I Hope I Will. BUT if i do, I Will Make A Game.

this sucks.....

2008-06-02 23:34:08 by Sorika

why cant i make swf files it stupid..